Thursday, July 12, 2012

Where have the Hannigs gone ?

 Me and the kids spent Easter in AZ and enjoyed time with cousins and the Easter pageant. My niece Abbie was my stand in for Russ, poor thing.  I don't think she knew what she was in for.  Russ's shoes are big ones to fill!
Joey got more and more adorable everyday.
 We staged our house to sell.  This is Joey's Dr. Seuss room.
 Gracee's big girl butterfly room...
 Gracee has gotten way to verbose and mature for her own britches.  She loves her books!
 Russ and Joey have bonded even more now that he lets daddy put him down for bed too. 

 Though he tried avoiding and denying it, Russ hit the big 3-0! (Isn't this a cut pic of him?)

 Our amazing friends bought us a gift certificate for a gourmet cooking class, Me and Russ's friend Burke surprised both our spouses that night by taking them there for a birthday date. 

 Mom came and helped Russ for my two days running Ragnar, thanks mom!

 To pacify dancing Gracee from how much she misses preschool, we enrolled her in a little 6 week dance course with her good friend Aubree.
 Oh yeah, we sold our house which we are not renting from our buyer and good friend, Lee.  We are building a house in AF.  Like our exterior colors? 
 Like our cabinets?
I wish you could tell how amazingly cute they both looked this day.  Trust me.

I miss being on here


Lindsey said...

Congrats on the home selling and buying. :) Love the colors. Your children are super cute. As are you. Happy Summer!