Thursday, July 12, 2012

Where have the Hannigs gone ?

 Me and the kids spent Easter in AZ and enjoyed time with cousins and the Easter pageant. My niece Abbie was my stand in for Russ, poor thing.  I don't think she knew what she was in for.  Russ's shoes are big ones to fill!
Joey got more and more adorable everyday.
 We staged our house to sell.  This is Joey's Dr. Seuss room.
 Gracee's big girl butterfly room...
 Gracee has gotten way to verbose and mature for her own britches.  She loves her books!
 Russ and Joey have bonded even more now that he lets daddy put him down for bed too. 

 Though he tried avoiding and denying it, Russ hit the big 3-0! (Isn't this a cut pic of him?)

 Our amazing friends bought us a gift certificate for a gourmet cooking class, Me and Russ's friend Burke surprised both our spouses that night by taking them there for a birthday date. 

 Mom came and helped Russ for my two days running Ragnar, thanks mom!

 To pacify dancing Gracee from how much she misses preschool, we enrolled her in a little 6 week dance course with her good friend Aubree.
 Oh yeah, we sold our house which we are not renting from our buyer and good friend, Lee.  We are building a house in AF.  Like our exterior colors? 
 Like our cabinets?
I wish you could tell how amazingly cute they both looked this day.  Trust me.

I miss being on here

Monday, March 5, 2012

Joey Joey Baby!

Joey, now almost 10 months. I can't believe how time flies. You are a delight, my sweet boy. Thank you for all your love, joy and sweetness.

At 9 months, keeping the paper by him was pretty much impossible. I think it's on the floor somewhere next to him, probably wet from his slobber and torn from his now EIGHT teeth!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A fallen crown...

This is about as classic as it gets, sure it may just look like an ordinary picture of gracee dressing up. It is so much more than that... note the many rings, the "lapstick" in her right hand that she loves to rub all over her face, note the carefully placed bracelets, the dora pj's that she insists on wearing even though they have grown too snug, note the red sparkly shoes from aunt pam that she insists on wearing without socks and gets them stinky, just like many of her other shoes she has ruined with that permanent stench. (we keep confiscating them from her when we find her wearing them without socks), and last but not least the earrings and crown. The earrings actually really hurt her earlobes, but she thinks they look so pretty that she puts them on anyway and just endures the pain for as long as she can take it. Each time she brings them to me to put them on, she says, "but they won't hurt!" As if, to talk herself out of the pain the pinch brings.When she would wear this crown she would come up to me and say, "I'm a princess." My line back is, "Why hello princess Gracee!" and then I kiss her hand. Well, one day she was really upset about something and without even skipping a beat she tore the crown off and bent it in her rage. She heard it snap and discovered that she had broken her crown. Her mark of deity, the sign of her refined, high class status...GONE. Just like that. Of course she made several futile attempts to get scotch tape and try to get me to fix it. She even tried the ol' instant gratification route: "but we'll buy a new one!!!???" Me: "No Gracee, it doesn't work that way. "

A couple weeks of mourning for the loss of the crown passed without her calling herself a princess. One day she put on one of her old necklaces and said, "look Mommy, I'm a princess." I was happy that she still felt like a princess without her beloved crown. "Maybe she has learned her lesson", I thought. I was afraid if I got one too soon, she'd get an unrealistic expectation for future tragedies...this could get costly. So I decided to have her WORK to earn her CROWN back. She has a chore chart that she has been working on filling up with stickers. When it is all full, we can go choose a new crown. I also remind her when she picks her nose and eats it and spits on the floor that princesses don't do that sort of thing either.

Yes indeed, spitting, picking, raging...queens don't do that, right? What do I hope she will learn from this? Not sure, something having to do with not destroying things in tantrums and embracing princess-like qualities I guess.

Friday, November 11, 2011


I started the fun weekend by running the Halloween Half! It was really fun! Kenzie and Kimberlee aren't picutred cuz my silly phone wasn't working to take pics before the race. Good thing Heather's husband, Dave, brought a camera or we wouldn't have had pics at all!

Thanks honey for coming to the finish line, I know that's not your fav!
Gracee's first jack-o-lantern!!
Ward Trunk or Dora and boots, minus the red boots--left them at home, of course!
I love this pirate costume, but he already had a I just let him wear this a couple times during the day so I could soak in his cuteness.
Look! It's Dora's negligent parents that let her go trapsing about the jungle with nothing but a little monkey and a talking backpack! Nick Jr. leaves them nameless...
pizza party!!!!!!
Marnie decide our names could be Jose and Sylvia. Doesn't Russ look like a Jose here?
Tammy Fay, Pocahontas, Tonks, Paige with a fro, Me with a fro!! We watched "What Lies Beneath". Lee and I screamed a lot...and yes, we've seen it. =)


(My journal entry from today...sorry if it's a downer, just being honest)


Pretty cool huh? The date won't look that cool again until next year on December 12th!!!

What a rough week. This may be my hardest week as a mom yet. Both kids have been sick all week, and now Russ too. I have been trying to spend a lot of good time with Gracee so she wouldn't notice what a cooped up week it's been. Yesterday I wasn't able to do as much because I had to take care of miserable Joey EVERY second of the day. He was feverish and sore from a shot the day before and wouldn't even let me put him down. Gracee has been acting out and disobeying every second she can think of something to disobey about ever since. I texted Russ today and told him that I've totally forgotten how to be a good mother and that I hope I don' t scar Gracee for life. He took it as a joke, but I was mostly serious. My patience runs so thin after 6 grueling days of this. I wish I could say I've already learned how to take things in stride and not let things get to me, but I'm not there yet. I dug deep so many times today for inner strength and prayed a bunch. I know this is the most important work I can be doing right now, so I really am interested in doing it right...well, as right as I can muster anyway.

Thanks for listening.

Friday, October 7, 2011

My friend Maddie

One year ago today we lost our dear Madison.

Here is a copy of my journal entry today:
This is my first time attempting to write in my journal from my phone, one-handed while I am nursing...
Today is the year anniversary of madison's death. Throughout this week, I've mainly thought of marnie and paige.but today I'm mostly thinking about maddie. I'm thinking about what life must be like for her right now. Some people die when they are old, some when they are sick.others die when they are full of life and abundantly joyful, this was our maddie.
when the sick or the old are released from this life, my mins usually goes to how much happier they are. But with maddie, my thoughts are led to think about how much more AFFECTIVE she is where she is at. I imagine she is so busy doing good, that this year had absolutely flown by for her!
I also find myself thinking about all the time she's been there with marnie and paige to help them in ways they don't even realize.
She was radiant on earth, it's hard to imagine how much more radiant she is now.
I miss her so much.every time I have those thoughts, my heart pains for paige and marn.we do a lot of fun things with them like game nights and stuff. It really does my heart good to see them laugh and have fun.tonight a bunch of us are going to do a madison date. We are having dinner at wendy's and going to play laser tag-things she would've loved. It will be good.
To Maddie, thanks for the exceptional person you were and for all the amazing work you are must surely engaged in at this time. We love and miss you.

Monday, September 12, 2011