Thursday, December 24, 2009

Photos by Micaela the Great!

we love you micaela!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Surprises

So I have my brother, Steve's, name for Christmas this year. He's never gotten a "real" massage from me. I arranged ahead of time to get a sitter (Russ is out of town) so I could surprise him with one. I had Aimee tell him to meet them at Miracle Bowl (right next door to my work) to go bowling with her and the kids. She even had the brilliance to pretend she had no idea where Miracle Bowl was--she just had a coupon. After I finished with my first client, I got the room ready for him, put on my coat, and excitedly ran out to the parking lot--like a giddy school girl. (Brooke, that phrase was for you, remember when we used to always say that??) I saw Steve on the phone in the middle of the parking lot. I called him and hid behind a car. When he answered he turned around and saw me standing behind him. He got off the phone with my dad and told me he was waiting for his family to meet him for bowling and that they were late. I told him it was a ploy and he crooked his head to the side and said, suspiciously, "Really?" I linked arms with him and led him to the clinic, telling him that he was actually here to get a massage. He sheepishly smiled and told me how sneaky me and Aimee are.

I think one of my trademarks is that I LOVE SURPRISES!!! What Christmas surprises have you given or received this year?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Thanksgiving time

(sorry the pics are all out of order again.) Playing in Micaela's fun yard.

Trying out the new car seat..

Me, Russ and Gracee made a quick trip down to AZ for Thanksgiving. It was sad that I couldn't see everybody I wanted to see--quick trips are tricky that way.

We got to continue our tradition of running a turkey trot thanksgiving morning--only this time we shared it with Diane, Dad, and Slade! It really was a blast! (dad, can you send me what pics you have?) Me and Slade had so much fun just being goofy and silly like old times. We ate dinner with everybody at the Stokers, it was cozy and yummy.
This is Gracee modeling the dress Grandma made for her birthday. She loved her visit with grandma! She slept there and when grandma had to get up in the night to change her diaper--Gracee was just THRILLED!! She kept smiling at her in the dim light saying, "Hi!" over and over again! She definately remembers her from when she used to live with us here in UT! Grandma was very relieved about that!
The day after Thanksgiving Micaela did a photo shoot for us--pictures to come! Thanks for sharing your talent with us Kala, you are such a dream!
We enjoyed our visit with the Adams family and fish boys. Gracee loves her cousins. Thanks everybody for hosting us! We are lucky to have such fabulous hosts!