Sunday, May 8, 2011

sleeping...a talent that she always has posessed

We went to go get Gracee up from her nap the other day for church and this is what we found:This puzzle kept meowing at her every few seconds and she slept right through it.
She had emptied every toy drawer completely onto her bed. Little pens, marker caps, lids to play dough, every single toy was on her bed to keep her company during her short pre-church nap!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

busy hands....

Here are just a few reasons I have kinda dropped out of the virtual world of FB and checking up on blog friends for a while....these top two shots are from Joey's nursery. I did a Dr. Seuss theme. There are still a lot of Gracee's things on the wall in the picture, but there will be a few more pictures to's been really fun!
Russ and I made some fun things at Color Me Mine.
Mom and Russ's hands probably did more on this restored rocker than I did, but it was my idea and I am proud of it! Thanks mom and Russ for helping! (This used to be brown with green cushions)
Joey's sweet Dr. Seuss quilt. Thanks Kenzie and Heather for your invaluable help! It was much easier than I thought it'd be to make, thanks to you two!
We're doing a hula girl island theme for Gracee's new big girl room--to make it way exciting for her! More pics to come, but this has been really fun too!
This is Gracee's lil reading nook. Notice the turquoise bookshelf to the left, Russ and Kim helped me restore this baby. Thanks guys!
Pillows I made for my dear friends, Paige and Marnie. They lost their beloved Madison last year and Marnie is getting ready to move out, so I wanted to complete them before she left. These pillows are matching and will help remind them of their blessings awaiting them, it says: "Every tear today will be returned a hundredfold with tears of rejoicing and gratitude."-Elder Wirthlin. As they are transitioning away from being together, I hope these pillows will be a small sense of comfort to them to hug and even cry into when needed.
Russ's late anniversary gift: autographed pictures of this year's amazing BYU basketball team. We were able to take some fantastic pictures sitting front row at one of the games. Our friend Jason made it all possible, thanks Jason for everything!

And last but not least, my father-in-law and brother, Steve, are the only people who have asked to step into Susie's salon. It's not much, but I like to do it for them, and it saves them a few bucks.
My father-in-law is the cutest. He let me style his hair all crazy when I was done! Love you pops!

becoming more real to me...

Just got some prego pics taken tonight!! And only 23 days to go....
I have to point out the ADORABLE carseat cover that my sweet friend Kenzie made! I'm in love with it! That is the animal print with the blue buttons. I also now have a nursing apron and the adorable owl material is for the diaper wipe case I'm going to make. These other things here are gifts from my friend Jenny and Snuggle Buddy Bunny from my friend Diane.

Picturing his little body in these things really does make it more real for me. Just thought I'd share my excitement. Thanks for reading.