Monday, October 26, 2009

Frightening monsters? Tis the Season!

Happy Halloween to one and all!!! We have a couple of frightening 'monsters' around our house that always make chills run up Gracee's spine!
This may look like a mere stereo to the untrained eye--but to Gracee it is a huge-mouthed creature with spinning teeth! The mouth pops out whenever one of those many buttons is pushed--not sure which one til she tries it--but when she does, she has to speedily rush to mom or dad for protection. It hasn't hurt her yet, but she's pretty sure that it could strike at any moment....

This one has a name that speaks for itself, "Devil"! She keeps going around the door to peer at it. When she does, she starts whimpering and tries to get our attention Once she gets it, she stops whimpering and points to it with a VERY troubled brow! When we use it, she has to be in our arms or far from it. She just stares at it with a mixed look of awe and trepidation.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Camera in my Heart...

Today me and Russ and Gracee went to the canyon to enjoy one of our last warm and sunny days. Gracee looked so cute and was so cheerful toddling around. (She's starting to take a step or two--videos to come!) The leaves were all sorts of vibrant colors. Red, yellow, orange, brown...they were swirling all around us in the breeze! We had a yummy picnic and then played around on the grass and went for a walk. Gracee loved it every time we passed the water--she'd tense up and reach for it. She loved putting her feet in it. It was such a serene afternoon. The whole time I kept wishing I had the camera. It was one of those times I just had to tell myself to take a vivid shot with the camera in my heart. I have a lot of priceless photos in there, ya know. These moments are what the epitome of happiness is to me.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Gracee dear!

So I am of the belief that every parent has the right to freak out over their child turning one. Hopefully I am this sentimental about all of my children's "firsts". She seems to have taken her birthday as a rite of passage for many things, as future posts will attest! Anyhow, please celebrate with us by browsing this post and sharing any birthday wish you may have for Gracee! "Welcome to my party SkyMax (her cousin). Can I touch your hair? It's so lovely..."

Sharing food with Gramma Hannig
Play time with Aunt Stef

"Mom, dad....why are all of these people staring at me?? I like it, but why?"
"You want me to do what??"
"You're sure this is okay?"
She really did own this cake. Ever since her birthday, she keeps wanting to hold the whole piece of whatever it is she's eating. "Nevermind all of this piece- breaking business, give me the whole thing mom!"
"I LOVE eating this way!!"
A blood bath! And yes, that is a tomato in her hand, she's obsessed with squeezing and biting into produce!! What can I say? A chip off the block!
She loves to clap! Her hands and cheeks were rosey the whole rest of the day!
Though she had guests to entertain, she got distracted by our apple stash--her best friend right now. She loves to toss them around and take one bite out of each one!
Surprise!! My good friend Jesse dropped in from Cali to stay with us for a bit.
Two Kenzies and two Grac(i)ees!