Wednesday, May 20, 2009

DIE HARD? I think not.

So many of you may know that I like to do triathlons. A lot of people sound impressed when they hear that and say something like, "Woah, you're die hard," or, "Go Sus!" And when I tell them I just do it for fun and I'm not die hard, they seem to think I'm just being modest. This morning I snuck into the rec center--hoping to go unnoticed by the die hards--with my new wet suit on (It's a lot like the one in this picture, but I bought it on a crazy sale last summer when I was also CRAZY pregnant, so I had no idea how/if it fit!) and my new goggles--a beloved and much needed COSTCO find.
I looked about as goofy as I do in this picture, but even goofier because I was at an INDOOR swimming pool in the SUMMER! But I am doing the Salem relay tri with my nephew Zach and my hubby Russ in a little over a week--so I decided to swallow my pride and try out my new gear so that I will get a better feel for it. (Incidentally, this picture is about how far my friend Kenzie and I made it to doing the Salem tri last year! See the shirt and the sweat band? We also got some free water bottles. It was really rainy and freezing that morning and so we opted out.)

So here's where the funny part comes in. Most long pools have lanes marked like this comic shows:

I usually choose the slow lane (remember the part about me not being die hard? Yah, getting kicked in the face by snobby die hards needing to pass me each time they lap me is not my idea of an 'uplifting' workout!) but this morning I got there a little early and the lanes were not yet marked. So I went into the one that looked like I would get disturbed the least. Half way through my swim, I noticed they had marked my lane as the fast lane. I was trying to beat my last record time--so I decided to stay in the "die hard" fast lane... to make a long 20 minutes short, the dude I was sharing it with had to pass me SEVERAL times. (He had fins on though). When he exited the pool I just finished my last lap and came up out of the water to hear him venting something to a fellow die hard who had just entered. Though I couldn't make out the topic of conversation, his tone was heated and his last words were, "EXACTLY!" and he glared at me TWICE as he walked out of the pool! I was just innocently stretching and catching my breath. I thought of asking the lady what he had said about me, but I didn't really want to know the answer.

So again I say, I really am just doing this because I enjoy it. I am not trying to be the first, fifth, or even fiftieth. I do it because it makes me feel driven and happy--I LOVE IT.


Monday, May 11, 2009

My First Mother's Day

These are the perplexed looks Gracee has been doing lately...

Here is a journal excerpt about my first mother's day(don't ask me why it's all underlined, I don't profess to be blogger savvy yet):

So I had the most fantastic Mother's Day ever! When I got out of the shower in the morning Russ had flowers and two cute books waiting for me on the floor, along with a really nice letter. He normally has to have tons of help from his sisters, but this time he went solo! He even traced Gracee's hand into the book that was from her, so cute. It's a Sally Deford book with illustrations that go along with some of her lyrics. Then the other book is a gardening at temple square book cuz I've been so interested in learning about gardening. The roses were all different colors. Me and Russ got to team teach a marriage lesson in young women's. Gracee took a 2 and ½ hour nap!!! (She normally take 30 min. naps, but we've been trying the cry-it-out thing during naptime and she is adjusting like a rock star!) That was her gift to me. So Russ and I got to sleep for about two hours—THE longest nap we've had since Gracee was born. We went over to Russ's family's house and enjoyed a meal and a beautiful spring afternoon. It was so peaceful. After we put Gracee down, Russ's parents came over and gave us advice on our flowers and vegetable garden. After our visit, we waved goodbye to them and turned to go inside, Russ's arm around my shoulder. I told him this is just what I always imagined family life to be like. I said THIS is what happiness is.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Series of unfortunate events turned fortunate...

so the other day I was cleaning in a hurry (our usual style around here) and I put a little bowl of pineapple juice in the fridge, uncovered. (afterall, I was in a hurry!) Most of you know pineapple juice is just about the stickiest of all juices. Anyway, about 5 minutes later I went back into the fridge and capsized the bowl all over the fridge and floor! I was of course, on hands and knees cleaning every nook and cranny....and I happened to stumble upon some nooks I hadn't yet seen...
There is a little hidden bottom row to our fridge! WHO KNEW??? I was so excited, it erased all of my hurried woes. I cleaned off the secret shelf and neatly placed all of my mom's fancy protein and joint drinks and such in a spot just perfect for them! Simple thing, yet it made my afternoon.

Have any of you had an unfortunate event lead you to something very fortunate?

Sunday, May 3, 2009


So a few weeks ago I had a very surprising conversation with Russ. It went something like this, "Hey hon, guess what? They're having a BYU alumni ball and Noteworthy will be performing at it...wanna go???" I was positive he'd say no because he doesn't like to dance, but I thought what's the harm in asking. Without any hesitation whatsoever he replied, "sure". I thought for sure he must not have realized what he agreed to. So as the date of the ball drew nearer, I kept mentioning it to make sure that we were on the same page. At last, the night arrived and he got all dressed up, without complaint! My fairy God Mother helped me get ready! We of course had to take one of those shots to reminisce/mock all of the formal pictures we took in our younger days with various dates. We tried to make it look like we were as awkward as possible, we did a pretty good job eh?

Me and my prince!

We were accompanied by our friends Mieka and Scott, good times had by all.
Oh, QUEEN Mieka and SIR Scott that is. Here is is fastening his lady's "slipper"!
Oh, wait...who's that couple on the left? Wouldn't you know that the paparazi (sp?) caught the 4 minutes we spent at the dance instruction? That's about all Russ could handle=)