Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oh the things you say...

Gracee talks a ton, and with that comes some really funny and cute things.

10. bye bye ___________ (to everything and everyONE! She is constantly saying bye bye to everything, ever since Grandma Peterman left home to AZ after a long summer stay.

9. "you mama" (this is her way of saying "I love you too)

8. ___________night night? (she asks this when ANYBODY is closing their eyes for any reason or has their head down.)

7. "too too chrain!!" (This is said in response to the sound of a train or the sight of a semi, a truck pulling something, or any vehicle longer than a pickup truck)

6. "too too chrain (jabber jabber) far (jabber jabber) see?" Me: "yes Gracee, the choo choo train is to far away to see right now huh?" Gracee: "Uh huh"

5. Me: "Gracee, do you want to go downstairs with me to switch the laundry?" Gracee: "uh umm.... (long pause) YAH! She considers every question negotiable and by taking a while to think it through before answering, it's almost like she is letting us know she is her own person.

4. "Pretty singing (a small pause for emphasis), Mama!" She'll do anything she can to get me to sing something and then finish off with that nice compliment.

3. The word "fesin" means "this one"--so clearly, it can mean several things. "Table...fesin. Ball fesin. Blanket fesin..." She lovingly taps whatever it is she is referring to as she chants.

2. (From Dorah the Explorer:) "Gracee, say 'swiper no swipin'!'" Gracee: "NO SWIPIN' NO!"

1. My favorite is when she'll run up and grab me with a squeeze and say "WUV!!!!" (meaning, of course, love.)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

what we've been up to...

Having a Happy Halloween with my pirate bunch. Gracee got really good at saying "Arrrr!"

Running around with this little fireball.
getting together with some of my college roomies and VERY dear friends! Thanks for the visit Care!
laughing at Gracee...a lot! she always does funny stuff like this! she wanted to feel the cool wet wipe on her face that is on the floor under her head here.
i love this face! she is always laughing, talking, making jokes and singing and asking us to sing. Oh and she's going to be a big sister!!!