Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, My Prince

My sweetheart turned 28 on Mother's Day. He is such an amazing husband and father. I knew he would be, I just knew it. (ignore the dates on these pics, our camera has issues)
I texted to ask him what he wanted for breakfast on his birthday and he told me he was making ME breakfast...who does that?
My gift to him was a mission scrapbook/photo album. We had a lot of fun looking at it with his fam on our deck after dinner. He and I also spent a relaxing hour that evening looking through it again and having him tell me all of his stories. We dream of serving missions together one day, and love to talk about our missions with each other.
This is us the day before his birthday at a local fancy restaurant where we got to overlook the beautiful mountains in this valley. It was just lovely.
Part of Russ's birthday weekend wish was to do some fun stuff with Gracee. We took her to Kneader's for breakfast where Russ got to enjoy unlimited french toast (one of his favorites) and then we stopped by the Macey's carnival. It was short lived, but she sure was cute and excited!
Russ, you are everything I ever dreamed of! Thank you for being my honey. I love you dear. Happy 28!~