Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Teenie Beenies update

WOW! Thanks for the overwhelming response! We are so excited to get these little creations out in the hands of doting parents and onto the heads of your little cherubs.

1) These CAN be for boys! These are just winter hat examples but I will send another post in a few days of examples of spring/summer hats that are way cute for boys.
2)Many have also asked about the price, small detail to overlook right? Sorry about that. I copied and pasted from my mom's ad here:
These can be made to order. You can pick them up in Orem or they can be mailed with shipping charge added. Styles shown here and can make any color combination you choose. Can also be made for any size head with proper measurements. The hats shown are for infants, toddlers or adults. I also offer package prices, just in case you all want to match! One hat for $15.00, two for $28.00, three for $40.00, four for $50.00. Each hat after that is $10.00.
3) Lastly, lots of people have suggested ETSY. Thanks guys, great idea. I'm working on helping her set up an account up there. That might be where we end up having people pay and such.
Well this is officially the most business-like blog I've ever posted! Contact me via email or by commenting to this to let me know what your orders are until we get things really up and running! Thanks a bunch. Brownies and kisses to come....(I better be careful what I promise?)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Teenie Beenies Anyone?

Okay, so my sweet mother has been on disability for a few years and is trying to get back to work, but the process is slow and painful. To rest her back, she makes these delectable creations. These could be the absolute key to getting her back on her feet financially.
We've been trying to decide the best way to market them and are also trying to decide on a name for the company and/or the products. She makes hats for the spring, summer and for cold weather with ear flaps to protect sweet lil ears. She can make them for children and adults of all ages so people can have their kids all match if they want.

We've been marketing them on KSL and Craig's List and Russ's dad let us put them in one of their booths at a local boutique last weekend. We sold one! But, okay, here's where we need help:
1) Any good ideas of getting these little guys out into people's hands?

2) Here are the names we've considered:
  • Bean Sprouts (Beanies, berets, bonnets and more!)
  • Teenie Beenies

  • Lindees Beenees

  • Flirty Hats

What is your vote? Or better yet, do you have a name idea??

3) If you would like to order one or know anybody that would, I will kiss your feet and bake you brownies! She can take special orders and gives discounts when you purchase multiples. They are a great baby shower gift or birthday gift.
She is amazing at these and I get 10 bazillion compliments every time Gracee wears them--which is pretty much everytime we go out.
Let me know your thoughts!

Monday, April 20, 2009

testy test test

Ok, if this video works, you all have my genius friend Kelly to thank. Let me know if you were able to view this video of Gracee being her adorable self.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

6 Month Milestones

  • She loves to laugh!
  • I spent a day showing her how to lay her head down to the side when she rolls over onto her belly and the next night and day I saw her practicing it. (sorry no pics of this!)

This her completely adorable nose scrunch that she's been doing for about a month now!

Our sweet little angel

  • She pats my shoulder when I pick her up to tell me that she loves me or she's giving positive reinforcement to let me know I was successful in reading her mind and guessed right on what she wanted!

nose scrunch again! She loves to hear herself make cute noises (I tried to uplaod an amazingly cute video, but does someone know how to do that and can teach me? Even my computer savvy brother was unsuccessful)

  • When she is done resting for the night or after one of her classic 30 minute cat naps she plays with her little friends in her crib and makes adorable noises--no more crying to communicate "come and get me!"

  • She wants to eat what and when we're eating.

  • Gets clingy to mom sometimes.

  • She has grudauated from grunting to expressing herself through cute sounds to interact.

  • Rolling all over the place in pursuit of her precious toys, clicking the tongue game with grandma, pulling off her socks and playing with them, and the tongue spit/blow game with dad.

  • When I said the word 'grandma', she looks at grandma.

  • She has also learned the magical new world of being able to pull her hats off all by herself!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring fun

As many of you may know, Utah weather is a bit unpredicatable during the Spring. It is kind of an emotional roller-coaster for those non-skiers who ADORE spring and merely patiently tolerate winter. So though the snow, high winds, and frosty mornings still threaten, we are determined to enjoy every beautiful day!
Happy First day of Spring! This was a beautiful day to celebrate my cherished mother's 60th! We had hats, Scotty brought their blow up jumper thing, and Alethea made amazing pumpkin cheesecake! We of course had the traditional tacos!

Picnic for Kenzie's birthday

trip to St. George, Gracee's first hike!
Gracee's first time bowling!

car wash= excuse to be outside!
That's my girl! She loves to be outside!

Notice the adorable jelly shoes hand-me-down (Thanks Heather!) and the cute green diaper on St. Patty's Day!

We love you Gracee Girl! You make holidays, seasons, and everyday more sweet!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy April Fools!

In classic Utah fashion, it snowed a bunch after Spring had already announced itself!

Me and Russ are pretty fun I guess, but not when it comes to April Fools Day. The day before I usually try to think of some fun, last minute plan, but I never end up doing anything, I don't even know if Russ even realizes what day it is=) Help us be more fun, what are some of your traditions?