Friday, September 10, 2010

My birthday

I got the idea from my brother, Scotty to celebrate my birthday for a whole week! What a great idea! I figured my 30th was a great year to start. Here are some of the things we did at random times in the day, whenever we could fit them in:
My birthday week started with a family dinner at the Hannigs for me and our niece, Emrie. My sis-in-law made me brownies with nuts-my fav! Thanks Ryanne!
Went to our first BYU home game! Go Cougs! (Thx for the tix Smiths!)
Went to dinner
Enjoyed another tandem bike ride in the canyon (an annual tradition on my bday) but this year we did 23 miles! Woohoo! That was about as adventurous as we got, because all of the adventurous stuff would've been mostly just adventurous for the pocket book!

(Russ must REALLY love me to do this every year!)

Thx for the lunch Kenz! What a sweetie.
Went to Timpanogos story telling festival

Went to WAFFLE CONE Wednesday at TCBY and took cute pix of Gracee playing at the mall
Watched episodes of The Closer

Had a game night!!
Went and did a temple session together
Did and FHE at Discovery park with the Smiths with homemade ice cream, yum! Thanks Kenz!
My friend, Kim, threw me a shin dig at Kenzie's house where we dressed up from the eras that I've been alive in. (ok, I confess...we cheated and included the 70's! The 70's are irresistible!)
Isn't Russ's tough face so cute here?
Thanks Kim and Kenz, you guys rock! So do those "mom jeans" Kenz is wearing..yes!
The most touching thing ever, I was completely blown away--Kenzie made me a book with a bunch of people who'd responded to her with "30 things they love about Sus". I cried when I opened it and realized what it was and all the people who responded. I was so deeply touched by everybody's words. I will cherish it always. I know I will read it during low times in my life and be lifted and reminded of what amazing people grace my life. Thank you so much Kenzie and everybody who was able to add to the book!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lunch with dad

Here is our first try with using video on our new camera. We have this tradition we've just started where almost every day me and Gracee go and bring lunch to Russ. It has been good for her to actually see us all three together a little more often, sad, but true! ENJOY, more to come!

I'm a big girl now!

This picture does not do justice to how FILTHY my hands and legs were!!
Hey guys! This is me after having SUCCESSFULLY changed my bike tire BY MYSELF! I've gotten flats several times while on the surface streets and have had to call my dad, my father in law and even got picked by my father in law once because neither of us could get it on right. I also was helped once by a fellow road biker who was driving to work and had mercy on my poor pitiful figure alongside the road, fussing with it. I even watched a youtube tutorial after the last frustrating experience. I'm so proud of myself. And it only took me 24 minutes! (I say that in jest cuz I know that is incredibly slow...)