Friday, October 7, 2011

My friend Maddie

One year ago today we lost our dear Madison.

Here is a copy of my journal entry today:
This is my first time attempting to write in my journal from my phone, one-handed while I am nursing...
Today is the year anniversary of madison's death. Throughout this week, I've mainly thought of marnie and paige.but today I'm mostly thinking about maddie. I'm thinking about what life must be like for her right now. Some people die when they are old, some when they are sick.others die when they are full of life and abundantly joyful, this was our maddie.
when the sick or the old are released from this life, my mins usually goes to how much happier they are. But with maddie, my thoughts are led to think about how much more AFFECTIVE she is where she is at. I imagine she is so busy doing good, that this year had absolutely flown by for her!
I also find myself thinking about all the time she's been there with marnie and paige to help them in ways they don't even realize.
She was radiant on earth, it's hard to imagine how much more radiant she is now.
I miss her so much.every time I have those thoughts, my heart pains for paige and marn.we do a lot of fun things with them like game nights and stuff. It really does my heart good to see them laugh and have fun.tonight a bunch of us are going to do a madison date. We are having dinner at wendy's and going to play laser tag-things she would've loved. It will be good.
To Maddie, thanks for the exceptional person you were and for all the amazing work you are must surely engaged in at this time. We love and miss you.


morinsqueen said...

Wow Sus! I am crying my eyes out right now. Very touching post. Hope you all have fun tonight.

Missy said...

I remember the story of Maddie. I have had people in my life that seem to good for the rest of us. Most of the time their lives are cut short. All we can do is live our lives the best we can.

We miss you guys you are one of our favorite couples.

PS. Love the haircut!

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